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Full Grooming
Nail Trimming
Paw Pad Trimming
Blow Drying
Ear Cleaning
Fur Brushing
Teeth Brushing
Having a Bath
Trimming the Fur
Full-Service Grooming
Express Service
Body Trimming
Sanitary Trim
Anal Glands

Add On Spa Day

Bath Soak- Full body or Just Paws

Baking Soda5 min Baking soda shampoo bath water can help to deodorize and soothe dry skin for dogs

Oatmeal soak- anti-inflammatory properties, oatmeal acts as protectant for the skin, helping to soothe irritation and itchiness.

Epsom Salts- dogs can enjoy soaking their tired, aching muscles in the water. The soak can also improve nerve function and repair skin abnormalities. Dry, itchy skin and tender feet can return to health with Epsom soaks.

Whitening Treatment- Vegetable based whitening shampoo

Peticure Nail Color- Ask what colors are availably! All Pet Nail Polish is 100% safe and non-toxic

Trimming the Fur

The Pets 

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