Full Grooming

Grooming is now open! 

Tracy had 1 year training with 3 experienced groomers and is now ready to take on dogs of her own. Text, Call or Email for a quote! 

Nail Trimming
Paw Pad Trimming
Blow Drying
Ear Cleaning
Fur Brushing
Teeth Brushing
Having a Bath
Trimming the Fur
Full-Service Grooming
Express Service
Body Trimming
Sanitary Trim
Anal Glands

Add On Spa Day

Bath Soak- 5 min Baking soda shampoo bath water can help to deodorize and soothe dry skin for dogs
De-Shed Treatment- Using De-shed Shampoo will help with heavy shedding. 
Coconut Treatment- For pets that need some Hydration or extra shine to their coats.
Oatmeal Treatment- all natural shampoo for pets that have sensitive skin.
Whitening Treatment- Vegetable based whitening shampoo
Peticure Nail Color- Ask what colors are availably! All Pet Nail Polish is 100% safe and non-toxic

Trimming the Fur

The Pets