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About Supertrifecta Pets

            Supertrifecta Pets was founded by Tracy Chamberlain back in 2007. Growing up, she was always surrounded by animals and would tell everyone she wanted to be a veterinarian when she grew up. Right out of high school, Tracy decided to start up pet-sitting while going to Bucks County College as a Music Major. With business picking up very fast she soon realized that she could build on her dream of working with animals. She changed her educational focus to a Pet Tech Program at Manor College. Tracy learned valuable things about caring for animals that helped progress her ability in going full time as a Pet-Sitter, Dog Walker, and Pet Boarder. She has worked with many different types of animals with all different personalities. Due to Covid-19, business has been facing hardship in the past year. She decided with her free time to expand her business services and added Pet Grooming. She is working on her externship through Animal Behavioral College, in a grooming salon in East Greenville, PA. 


          Nick Carpinona is a long-time employee with 7+ years of experience working with animals. He is also first aid and CPR trained and backed by Pet Care Insurance.

         Cali is my 6 year old Shephard mix, who helps keep puppies in line and tires her overnight friends out. She gets along with most animals of all shapes and sizes. She is a valued helper here!

Supertrifecta Pets is all about putting animals first and caring for them like they were our own fur kids. We are now in a new location and looking to continue to grow. Thank you for taking the time to read about our small business.

Our Team

Meet the Team!

We are first aid and CPR trained and covered under Pet Care insurance!



Pet Sitter, Groomer,


Nick Carpinona

Pet Sitter


Helper with tiring the pups that stay over! 

Our Team
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